Brent Anglin





Brent Anglin is a teacher from the USA with over 15 years of experience in education. Brent completed his undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism at Marshall University in the United States, and and three years ago he earned his Master’s in Education. Brent taught US History, Literature and English as a second language in Thailand for twelve years before moving to China. He also taught at Zhengzhou Foreign Language School for two years before joining the Shude team. Brent has always been a technology enthusiast (especially Apple technology) and he is currently integrating more technology into the classroom to both build the students interest in the course and ensure the students at Shude will be even more competitive in American Universities. Brent enjoys both teaching and working with technology, but he also likes to read, listen to podcasts, and to meet new people. Brent loves to have a good conversation or discussion and  incorporates this aspect of his personality into his classes. Brents core belief system is called the GRIP system. GRIP stands for Growth, Relationships, Integrity, and Passion and he asserts that these are the most important things in life.