Hywel Bennett




Hywel Bennett 从事教育行业已经28年,到过多个国家,包括肯尼亚、科威特、多哥、埃及、尼日尼亚、中国和英国。1985年,毕业于英国赫尔大学,获得历史和政治双荣誉学位,并于1987年在曼彻斯特取得研究生教育证书(历史),目前正在完成他教育领导和管理的硕士学位。Hywel Bennett来树德学校之前在拉各斯一所学校担任校长一职。他坚定地相信学生才是学习的主体,应该把学习的主动权交给学生。Mr. Bennett非常喜欢教学,目前教美国大学预科课程的世界史。他经常回到英国,享受与妻子和猫在一起的快乐时光。他的座右铭非常简单“天佑勇者”,同时他是一个狂热的曼城俱乐部迷。 

Hywel Bennett is a seasoned educator with twenty eight years of experience in a range of countries including Kenya, Kuwait, Togo, Egypt, Nigeria, China and the United Kingdom. He graduated from Hull University with a Double Joint Honours Degree in History and Politics in 1985 and a PGCE in Secondary Education (History) from Manchester in 1987. Mr Bennett is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management. He arrives at Shude having been Principal of a successful school in Lagos. Mr Bennett has a firm belief in passing ownership of learning to the students. In addition to being the Centre Principal he enjoys teaching very much and is preparing the students for the AP World History course. Mr Bennett often returns to the United Kingdom where he can enjoy his home on the North Kent coast with his wife and cats. His motto is simple “fortune favours the brave!” He is an avid fan of Manchester City FC.